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 as I mentioned to Renee and Ellen, you all have made a significant difference in my mom’s life as far as I’m concerned! You especially, Lisa, as chief honcho (honchess?) have taken the bull by the horns and firmly guided the situation in a more positive direction for which I am very appreciative.

We have both been very impressed by your integrity and the guiding light of Personally Yours. Hopefully the intensity of oversight for my mom as it is now.

Still, visits and kindness from her extended family (you three) have seemed to have given her uplift. Her spirit is still there albeit infused with confusion and it’s nice to see the smiles. A heartfelt thanks again and all the best for this year!


Personally Yours has taken care of my father for eight years from the beginning of his difficulty with the initial stages of dementia until his death.  As his condition deteriorated Personally Yours was able to hire, coordinate and supervise other healthcare professionals in order to keep him in his home  and remain healthy engaged and comfortable.  Personally Yours did all of this with efficient, loving care, where his Personally Yours staff members were almost like family members.  Thanks again for the fine efforts of you and your team in keeping my Dad comfortable to the end. Thanks Lisa!


Lisa: as a practicing attorney for 45 years with a significant practice in elder care, I have encountered a number of home health care service providers, both with my own family members and clients. My experiences with Personally Yours Senior & Support Services, LLC, its staff, home health providers and management, I can truly say was the best I have ever experienced.  The degree of care of the providers and the professionalism of the staff and management was first-class.  I would highly recommend Personally Yours Senior & Support Services to anyone with the need for support and care management services for their loved ones.

C. William W., Esq.

I  cannot thank the staff at Personally Yours enough for taking such exceptional care of my Grandmom through her transitions from hospitalization to rehab to assisted living and then back home.  Everyone treated her as member of their extended family and became my Grandmom’s friends not just her support team.

Di Gio Family

Personally Yours, thank you so much.  Ellen was my driver and I loved her – she was very personable and we just hit it right off.  We were at my destination and she waited with me, I really appreciated that.  All in all I really enjoyed your service and will use it again. Thank you!

Mary R

Hi Lisa, you have been a source of professional knowledge as well as personal strength for Joanne and me. For that, we are grateful. The whole experience with all of its ups and downs has been easier because of you. We go forward saying prayers and hoping for the best!

Patrice and Joanne

Personally Yours is a fantastic solution for giving your senior loved ones the assistance they need while giving you peace of mind. Lisa Ciquero is dynamic and very smart, and has years of extensive experience in the field. Her staff are professional and caring. My mother adores her ladies and Lisa!

Susan L

I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful flowers and plant. My mother really was surprised and pleased. Also, we want to thank you for all your help with the move. You and your staff at Personally Yours have been great and you really do “Personalize” the service you give your clients.

Cindy Williams and Eleanor Harvey

Let me just take this chance to make sure the entire PYSS staff, especially you and Lisa (as well as Millie) know how much we appreciate the good care and loving support you gave Dad and Dot as well as the entire family! It is so appreciated!


Thank you so much for your cards and kind words during the difficult time. I also wanted to thank you for creating Personally Yours, and for being exactly what my Grandmother needed when I couldn’t be there. There was always a smile on her face after you, Shirley or Pat had been over to see her or do her errands. I feel your services are priceless and wish your business the brightest future. Thank you for making a difference.

Pam S