Home Organization Help for Seniors: 12 Ways to Ease Your Stress

Are the fast changing technology and health issues today causing you to worry about your aging parent’s ability to manage their home organization?

Even the simplest task can be frustrating and overwhelming to a senior and may lead to costly errors.

Elderly relatives can be helped by respectfully and carefully handling their to-do list, to ensure that they maintain an independent life for as long as possible.

1. Email Communication

It is important for seniors to keep track of their emails. Your parent’s memory problems or arthritis can make these tasks difficult for them.

Ensure that no major email goes unnoticed. Also, make sure your senior parent’s systems are up to date to prevent instances where the computer crashes.

2. Teach Seniors Cell Phone Basics

In cases where the elderly live far away from their immediate family, it is important for them to maintain regular contact with their grandchildren. This may be overwhelming for those who do not know how to use their cell phones.

Strive to ease this process by creating contact lists, and custom made shortcuts that will make it easy for them to reach their loved ones.

3. De-Cluttering

As the decades go by, paperwork piles up in our parent’s homes. This can be very overwhelming for the seniors especially when they are not able to trace something when they need it.

Lifestyle management professionals can work side-by-side to help them organize and de-clutter, so that they are only left with the best and most precious memories.

4. Health Insurance Claims

Making on-time insurance claims and keeping track of payment receipts can become an issue as parents’ age. The process may become confusing and be tiring for the older seniors.

Trained, trustworthy and experienced associates can work with the elderly to ensure their health insurance claims are up-to-date.

5. Create a Bill Paying System

Sometimes, an older member may feel embarrassed of their inability to handle finances. They may hide this critical information from their loved ones.

Professional senior home care can step in by setting up automatic billing with the bank to ensure all bills are paid on time, all without hurting their pride. Once they realize that the system is working to their advantage, they become more open to moving on to the next step.

6. Personal Shopper and Online Shopping

Since many elderly people stop driving, shopping comes in handy at this stage.

Home care providers can teach them how to research unfamiliar websites, how to shop for the right items and how to make secure payments online. They can also do personal or grocery shopping for you.

7. Photo Sharing

Even if families do not get to visit their elderly parents every weekend, they can still keep in touch through photo and video sharing applications.

Personal assistants can teach them how to share and retrieve photos online, as well as do face chats. This will ensure that they can communicate with their loved ones despite the distance.

8. Make Phone Calls

As our parents age, their hearing ability may deteriorate. Making phone calls to their service providers may be challenging.

A personal assistant can step in to make those calls, as well as meet with the service men in case they make a house call.

9. Organize Paperwork

The amount of unopened mail or piles of paper in seniors home may be huge. This may lead to uncashed checks, and loss of important documents like receipts, and tax records.

Professional caregivers help to organize the paperwork by creating an easy filling system that makes all records readily available. They will also contribute to removing irrelevant documents that may be filling up their space more room for important documents.

10. Personal Companionship

Most seniors find themselves living alone. The fact that they cannot move around and do not have their family or friends nearby can make them feel isolated. Parents strive to ensure their loved one gets the best treatment but due to their busy schedules, may not be able to do in-person checks.

Home care assistance professionals can step in to provide social interaction just by being present in their life. They can accompany them to medical appointments and help with errands, hence fulfilling the need for a companion.

11. Be the Go-To Family Liaison

As time goes by, seniors develop meaningful relationships with their personal assistants.

Personal assistants are available to help them in case they need anything; be it preparing a meal plan or assistance with home de-cluttering.

12. Safe Transportation

Many seniors lose their driving privileges as they age. This may inhibit them from running basic tasks like buying groceries, visiting a friend or going for a doctor’s appointment.

Travel coordination can be provided for the elderly to make sure they do not miss their doctors’ appointments, as well as take care of running everyday tasks.

Care For Your Family

It is important that as a family you ensure your aging parent or elderly relative leads a quality and independent life.

Hire the services of in-home senior care to ensure they receive undivided attention and care.

Highly trained, professional home care services ensure that your loved one leads a stress-free life, by taking care of the necessary tasks